What is This?

I’m with you.  We’re with you.

In the current political and social climate, many people are feeling unsafe, both physically and psychologically.  Many people are also feeling a strong desire to demonstrate their support for minority people, and are at a loss as to what they can do to help.

There is a need to increase visibility of allies.  The hatred is very loud, and very obvious.  We need a way to develop a presence that is equally visible, so that people do not have to feel alone and betrayed by their neighbors.  Our presence will be the light in the darkness, representing love and kindness in the face of hatred.  We will be “Buddies” to people who need our support.  Often in times of great pain, the greatest gift a person can give is to sit beside, to walk with, to remind the other person that they are not alone.

The movement is simple.  If you are comfortable identifying yourself as an ally of ALL people, and an advocate for social justice, please wear a bracelet.  This will allow people who feel targeted to recognize you as a safe person.  If they are feeling uncomfortable or vulnerable, they can approach you and know that you are on their side.  They will know that you hear them and believe their story.  They know that you will stand with them in the face of hateful words or worse.  At best, this may spark a larger movement.  At the very least, it will spark some meaningful conversations.

You will also be able to identify one another, so that all of us can feel less alone in our grief and sadness.  We are with you in spirit, even if we are far away in distance.  When people ask you about your bracelet, this will give you an opportunity to voice your beliefs that all people deserve equal rights, and to be treated with respect and dignity in this country we’ve all built together.  The bracelets say “#I’m with you,” and are neon green so they will be clearly visible.


The Plan: 

Bracelets can be purchased at 50 cents each, plus a flat $3 for shipping anywhere in the US.  Making a profit is not the aim.  As such, bracelets will be given at as close to cost as possible.  Any leftover funds will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose mission is closely aligned with ours.  Their website can be viewed here: https://www.splcenter.org/


1- Yes, I’m aware that there is also a movement involving a safety pin.  By all means, please wear safety pins as well if you’re so inclined.  The idea here is to maximize visibility of allies, and to proudly demonstrate our support of minority folks.

2- This is about ALL people who are feeling unsafe, regardless of their particular minority status (religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ability, etc.), so your support does not exclude ANYone.

3- This is NOT political. This is not a platform in which to discuss political figures or party politics.  This is simply a venue for people to express solidarity with our vulnerable neighbors in a time of need.

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